Early Clinical Trials (ECT)


Committee chair

Francisco Bautista; Princes Maxima Centrum, Utrecht


Clinical trials are the way forward to investigate new therapies in children with cancer. Early clinical trials remain essential to evaluate the safety and preliminary activity of new compounds when they are used for the first time in humans and children. The I-BFM Early Clinical Trial (ECT) Group aims to facilitate the development and implementation of first-in-child studies in collaboration with the other disease orientated I-BFM Groups and with other study groups in Europe and overseas.


Scientific aims

Mission: Dedication to innovation in the development and implementation of early clinical trials for children with hematological malignancies

Values: Commitment, enthusiasm, equity, collaboration, smartness


  • To serve as a forum for discussion of new ideas in the field of clinical trials and innovation for children with cancer
  • To vehiculate novelty and facilitate the implementation of new drugs in the studies carried out by other I-BFM but also non-I-BFM collaborative academic groups


  • To strengthen the collaboration with I-BFM and non-I-BFM pediatric cancer academic groups
  • To identify areas of need for improvement in the access to novel therapies in collaboration with other partners



  • Development of the ECT-Group Dashboard
  • Collaborative project ITCC-ECHO-ECT_I-BFM: New drugs in children with histiocytic disorders
  • Survey ‘Current perceptions of physicians of accessibility to new therapies for children with cancer’
  • Review of clinical trials and new drugs for complications in patients recipient of hematopoietic stem cell transplantation in collaboration with the SCT-I-BFM Group