Early and Late Toxicity Education Committee (ELTEC)

Committee chair

Edit Bardi; St. Anna Kinderspital, Vienna

Activities and Projects




Projects in close collaboration with other committees in the field of early toxicity:

  • Supportive care in leukaemia treatment
  • Toxicity issues in NHL
  • Middle and late term toxicity in ALL
  • Prevention, Diagnosis & Management of Thrombosis & Bleeding in Children with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia: European Survey of Current Practice

Projects in the field of late toxicity inside I-BFM :

  • Survey on your knowledge about your disease and later care

Projects in the field of late toxicity in collaboration with PanCare:

  • PanCareLife
  • Survivorship Passport


PanCareSurFup (1.2.2011-31.1.2017)


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