Our objectives

I-BFM-SG: The International BFM Study Group

The I-BFM study group was initiated in 1987 as a “Family Get Together” of the national study groups of Austria (BFM-A), Germany (BFM-G), France/Belgium (EORTC-CLG), Italy (AIEOP) and the Netherlands (DCLSG) to initially compare Leukemia (ALL) treatment modalities and aiming at developing common standards for diagnosis and treatment.


IBFM’s objectives include:

Fostering information exchange among the participating groups, including preliminary results;

Promoting research projects in childhood leukemias, lymphomas and related disorders, including non-Hodgkin’s lymphomas;

Supporting prospective randomized clinical trials, using consensus approaches and allowing the participation of other groups;

Initiating cooperative research projects for a better understanding of pediatric cancers’ biology;

Encouraging a quick and accurate translation of findings from basic to clinical research, and vice versa;

Achieving a better understanding of very rare hematological malignancies